Aegis Epoxy Ceramic Hybrid

Introducing our initial release of AECH Aegis Epoxy Ceramic Hybrid coatings by Aegis. The Foundation colors are solids, and mostly shades of primary colors. Black, white, orange and dark earth are the first options.

Ultra Violet (UV) stability in our coatings was at the top of our goals in the development of A.E.C.H. AEGIS is proud to introduce a line of thin film ceramic coatings that are proving not to experience color shifts or fading when exposed to the elements.

  • UV Stability 
  • USA Made 
  • Environmentally-Conscious 
  • Efficient Curing Time 
  • Second-Party Tested 

AEGIS AECH Thin Film Ceramic Coating can be used with high-volume, low-pressure spray equipment and standard curing processes. Yet, the results are at the top-tier among all leading brands in performance, durability, and UV resistance. 

UV-Resistant (White won't turn Yellow from sun exposure)

Through a new process involving some of the top minds in R&D, Aegis maintains a familiar workflow while resolving the issues that so many coaters have with top brands.

  • Customers were asking...

    Our customers came to us with a need for a thin film coating that could be applied to a number of different materials and exhibit ultraviolet stability, durability, strength, corrosion resistance at a dry film thickness of .001 and can easily be applied to upwards of .002 and beyond.

    We partnered with coating industry experts in a quest to develop a coating that would hit all of these key parameters, and we developed A.E.C.H. Aegis Epoxy Ceramic Hybrid.

  • Application Examples




    Sporting goods


    Tooling & Fixtures






    3D Printed materials

    and more!